Christian Schools Aren’t Perfect – Just Necessary

… Called to Teach…

What a great mission, to know that you are called to be a teacher, especially in a Christian school.
Remember this, when you stand in front of your students, at that moment in time you are the most important person in their lives. Your actions, attitudes, and words can have an amazing impact on their lives.
The responsibility that comes with the designation TEACHER can be a burden… or a passion! In a Christian school especially, that passion as God’s messenger can have eternal consequences.
Your students will leave your classroom and get on with the rest of life.
When they leave, they will take part of you with them.
Will that part of you…
direct them to God? encourage them to excel? impassion them to the mission?
You do get it, don’t you?
All this God-stuff puts an amazing and awesome impetus on teaching in a Christian school. Or at least it should.
We must not be content with being “as good as the public school.” We must transcend that measuring stick and create one of our own.
It is extremely critical that we grab hold of the idea that we “are more than conquerors.”
We cannot become content with apathy, for a growing apathy diminishes the ability to think critically. Once our critical thinking becomes moldy with apathy, we run the extreme risk of becoming apathetic towards God.
That’s why we have entered this profession called teaching. Our passion is to help achieve a sense of radical excellence that makes Christian school educators unique in the world of learning and leading.
It is our passion to help those in Christian schools to catch the vision of what it will take to set a standard rather than reach a secular standard that has been shown repeatedly to be infused with fatal flaws.
To create our own unique identity in the world of learning, we need to focus on some rather foundational items.
seek radical excellence by returning to traditional values develop outstanding leadership that is infused with courageous vision create schools that are sharply focused on and committed to scripturally based mission statements
Speaking of passion, three teachers with over sixty years of combined service in several Christian schools nationwide, both as classroom teachers and administrators, have reached one inescapable conclusion.
We have begun a journey towards creating a national movement that promotes a system of excellence, possesses a unique identity, and encourages mission-focused operation. This growing action MUST be ignited and fueled by teachers and administrators who develop a genuinely professional dialogue system that works.
To that end, we are encouraging Christian teachers to join us in developing a national forum of communication that will eventually enable us to create a local voice that is respected and listened to. You can read more about our efforts by checking out the site noted in my author bio and reading a document called “The PACT Report” that develops the concept of a Professional Association of Christian Teachers.
So the charge is simple.
Keep the Faith, Fight the Fight.