The Faith Baptist Christian School Programs

School Programs


  • experiencing and learning foundational truths of the Christian faith
  • memorizing scripture verses
  • learning the phonetic sounds of the alphabet
  • learning to identify numbers and to count
  • enjoying stories, poetry, dramatization, films, and books
  • learning to respond rhythmically to music, singing new songs, and listening to different kinds of music acquiring good manners, health and hygiene habits
  • developing motor skills, fine and gross
  • developing listening, perceptual and visual memory skills
  • learning to share, take turns, plan, work, think, and reason as he works and plays with others
  • working with paints, clay, crayons, blocks, and other manipulative materials
  • making short excursions to points of interest in the community
  • special performances for parents

will include all of the above plus…

  • developing reading skills
  • developing math skills
  • developing good handwriting
  • introduction to science
  • introduction to history
  • physical education
  • music education
  • performing in musical programs
  • participating in chapel programs
  • field trips

Elementary Grades
will include all of the above plus…

  • higher instruction of oral and written language
  • higher instruction in math
  • higher instruction in science and history
  • geography
  • health, safety and manners
  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • exposure to foreign language
  • art education
  • computer lab

Middle School Grades
Will include all of the above plus…

  • higher instruction in math, up to algebra
  • mandatory writing project
  • mandatory science project
  • higher instruction in history, including thorough background in American and World History
  • instruction in independent Bible study
  • two classes of physical education per week, using a Christian PE curriculum
  • Foreign Language Experience (FLEX)
  • home economics
  • drama
  • student organized and led chapels
  • high school observation

Middle School Special Privileges

Middle School students will receive extra privileges that may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • lockers
  • school store containing food, candy, and supplies
  • special lunches; microwave use
  • study hall
  • overnight retreat
  • extra tag days and incentives
  • 8th graders will be entitled to additional privileges during the 4th quarter